Migrant workers in S’pore: Have their lives really improved?

There’re about one million work-permit holders in Singapore and they are mostly construction workers and domestic helpers. They make-up one-fourth of our labour workforce. Construction workers can earn as little as $800 but their pay can also exceed $1,600 if they are willing to put in the extra hours. Besides drawing a much better pay […]

This may change your mind about welding as a career

When you think of welding, what comes to your mind? Loud noises and hot flying sparks? The sound of welding is ringing in your head already right? A welder basically uses a welding equipment to fuse materials like steel and aluminium together. It’s not as easy as merely putting on the safety goggles, gloves and […]

Grab/Uber drivers pay $9 a month to be a NPHVA member: What’s really in it for them?

With the recent shake-up in the private-hire industry, drivers no longer have a choice to shuffle between Uber or Grab. That means, they are also somewhat beholden to a platform unless another fella that’s big enough comes along. I found myself speaking to Mohd Randy, Executive Secretary of NPHVA, to find out how the association […]

How can we leave Grab-Uber drivers on their own?

The Uber-Grab merger has shaken up the private-hire vehicle industry – like it or not, drivers are now “stuck” with one third-party app platform provider. The same can be said for commuters. There’s a new kid in the block, Ryde, as it launched its new private-hire car service within a few days after Grab announced […]

Earning more than $4,500 a month? You’ll finally benefit from Employment Act changes

This is a long time coming for PMEs who draw a monthly paycheck of more than $4,500. The last time the Employment Act (EA) was amended was in 2014, to protect PMEs earning a basic monthly salary of up to $4,500. The 2014 amendment allowed this group of PMEs to receive sick leave benefits and […]

Budget 2018 was served like a sugary-lemon cake on a plate. Sweet but sour

Straits Times Opinion Editor Chua Mui Hoong described Budget 2018 like sugar with a strong lacing of lemon. Singaporeans will be receiving a big angbao from the Government at the end of the year to cushion the impending GST hike which will slowly but surely kick in at least 3 years from now. Some may […]

Budget 2018: More goodies for businesses, yet Singaporeans upset

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat has just started delivering his Budget 2018 speech in Parliament and there are already plenty of angry emoticons spotted on the Facebook LIVE broadcast. Year after year, Singaporeans would be expecting goodies from the Government. They only want to hear good news and look out for what’s in it for […]

Workers’ Party leadership renewal: Signs of trouble brewing in the house

Workers’ Party (WP) held their last Central Executive Committee (CEC) election on May 29 in 2016 where 61-year-old Low Thia Khiang was re-elected as the party’s secretary-general. Low’s position as secretary-general was uncontested for 17 years until Aljunied GRC MP Chen Show Mao decided to challenge him for the top post in 2016. Chen almost […]

GST will definitely increase: It’s not a matter of if, but when

The last time Singapore announced an increase in GST to 7 per cent was 12 years ago in November 2006. It took effect in July 2007. Since then, there were no plans to further increase our GST. Supporters from the opposition parties tried to dissuade Singaporeans from voting for the ruling party by distributing the […]