We need a series of policies to make Singaporeans First

  What Keeps Singaporeans Up at Night? Recently, I have seen a number of threads of discussions about the very real possibility of a tightening labour market in Singapore. In a number of these threads, many people, rightfully, are concerned whether there will continue to be good jobs available. The concern is particularly strong amongst […]

The stupidity of xenophobia

  Not too long ago, I blogged about a deceitful Facebook post by Dr Chee Soon Juan. The main point about that blog post was about how Dr Chee took the quotes out of context and deliberately left out key parts of one of the quotes. That blog post was then reproduced (without my permission) […]

A Mother’s Appeal for the Cyclist who Knocked Down Her Son to Come Forward

Here’s another Facebook post that has gone viral over the weekend. In fact, this one has seen over 8,000 shares as I’m writing this, more than ex-teacher’s tongue-in-cheek Facebook post on parking. This is a mother sharing what happened to her son. He was knocked down by a speeding cyclist who was not able to […]

Parking Woes for Teachers… Maybe?

The issue of MOE’s review of free parking at schools for teachers has been getting A LOT of attention. I am surprised that it has gained this much traction (yes, lots of shares and buzz online). I would have thought it would have blown over by now. Being the ever-positive person that I am, I […]

Everything You Need to Know about SkillsFuture Credit

It’s the first work day of 2016 for most of us! First off, let me say this, Congratulations! You’ve survived 2015! If you’ve been following the news and all the rather depressing economic and market updates, you would know that we should be bracing ourselves for a not-so-bright year ahead. I looked into my crystal […]

A Look Back at that Shuqun Bullying Incident

In case you’re wondering why I’m even bringing this up some three months after it happened, it is because the principal has spoken. Mr Chia Hai Siang has taken to his personal Facebook profile to post an update and also to share his personal views about media sites. While I totally applaud his willingness to […]

A Different Type of Volunteer

The past month has seen quite some news coverage on volunteering, what with the President’s Volunteerism Philanthropy Awards (PVPA), and also with the announcement of civil servants getting a day of leave to volunteer in a charity.   But what about union leaders? Ordinary working folks who step up and volunteer their time to speak […]

10 Questions with Flora (Floraisabelle)

We caught up with blogger Flora┬áto play 10 Questions with her.   Q1. How long have you been blogging at Floraisabelle.com? And how did you get started? Flora: I’ve been blogging for a really long time… like since I was 15. So that makes it a good 15 years. Ooops did I just give away […]

Caring for Our Migrant Workers, One Mask at a Time

  Blogger Floraisabelle published an article 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about NTUC, and it saw over 700 shares in just a few days. Even Mdm Ho Ching shared the post on Facebook. So one of the least known things about NTUC is that they actually have a unit that looks out for migrant […]