The Right MP for Me!

With the election just a day away, I’ve been thinking about what it means and takes to be an effective MP. We could go over all the issues, we could go over candidate bios, on and on… Instead, let’s make this a simple exercise by asking three simple questions: 1. What is the motivation behind […]

To MP, or not to NCMP, that is the question…

(Editor: This article refers to the position “Non Constituency Member of Parliament”, otherwise known as NCMP. An NCMP is a position awarded to “the best loser” of the elections. A means of allowing more opposition and alternative voices in Parliament. NCMPs have all the rights, privileges and duties of elected MPs except that they cannot […]

Ra, Ra…Opposition for Opposition’s sake!

Pro or con, this blog and its contributors all make excellent points. These posts, in many ways, are the crux of the upcoming special election. While the PAP may be the seated party, one should not be so quick to blame them for all of Singapore’s successes or ills. Before rallying behind the opposition and […]