the day the world turned upside down

A whimsical tale on a hump-day. ~~~~~~~~~~ Once upon a time, there was a gold mine owner who owned the gold mine on the hill.  He was a benevolent man, but he believed in hard work.  Hence, instead of just distributing the gold to the villagers at the foot of the hill, he hired them […]

sshhh… Ashley

It’s been quite interesting, following the discussion on Ashley Madison in the media space.  I call it a discussion rather than debate cos the letters on this topic have been relatively polite and non-heated, whether arguing for or against the website. Well, it’s certainly a provocative proposition – a service to facilitate affairs. Discreetly. How […]

What’s affordable, and what’s merit

Been some days since the NDR and funny how it’s been quite quiet, as though people are really accepting of it (*gasp* really?). While things will never be perfect, I think this PM is working hard to find a way forward.  So, personally I give him brownie points for effort. I have two comments though, […]

What’s in a birthday

The manner in which a person celebrates his or her birthday or how others celebrate his or her birthday perhaps reflect the kind of person he or she is. Are you the party-lover, who likes to be surrounded by people to give you hugs and presents, or are you the type who likes a quiet […]

Of runways and apple pie

I was talking to a friend who is on the brink of going into a new job, and was going through the story she needs to tell people who asks why she is leaving. We tried a few versions – want more money, better prospects.  Handsome new boss could have been a good one, but […]

I'm not here to eat you up

I’m not here to eat you up

Recently I went into a new job, and supposed to be heading a team. There’s this girl in the team (we call her B, for the purpose of this blog post), who’s been with the organization for a long time, waiting for her big break.  With me now in the picture, she isn’t of course quite happy […]

Brave new online world

I was just having a big discussion with friend on whether the online space should be regulated at all, before the internet got taken over by haze…  Ya, it was in relation to the big hoo-ha on MDA’s licensing move on the internet space.  The attention of netizens have since moved on. We talked about […]


Concubine WP and the 2.5 dumplings

Singapore Politics | Concubine WP and the 2.5 dumplings The Doted Concubine The palace is celebrating its annual dumpling festival. In line with tradition, this is done with a series of grand banquets. Queen Pan Ping oversees the festival. Chefs in the palace take turns to whip up sumptuous feasts after feasts, for guests all […]

Re-thinking unions

I used to think that Singapore only has one union called the NTUC.  and “tripartism” means our NTUC don’t cause trouble, smile smile at events, and run NTUC Fairprice, Income etc.  But in the more recent past, my work has crossed paths with many unions.  They call it the Labour Movement in Singapore.  And after 3 years, […]

Clean up

Clean up after yourself

I was feeling grumpy after I mopped the floor in my house the other day …  It’s back-breaking work gathering up the loose stuff on the floor, bending up and down as I did so. And as I curse under my breath at myself for leaving pairs of shoes by the shoe cabinet which were […]