Who are the ones falling through the cracks in our employment landscape?

Previously, I suggested that it is time that NTUC reinvents itself in order to remain relevant as a Labour Movement to the working class in a rapidly changing economy. Aside from keeping up with the fight for workers’ rights, those guys have to identify gaps in the workforce which put the vulnerable in a precarious […]

5 Migrant Worker Issues in Pressing Need of Discussion

Migrant workers issues have been reported in mainstream local media and talked about on social media to no end. Everybody seems to have an opinion or two about the topic, as if it is as massive of an issue as naming a school with a Greek name. It is (a massive issue). It is perhaps […]

Employment, entitlement etc.

The question is always ‘What is the role of a labor movement?’ How much is about collective bargaining, how much is about social change for all workers? – Andy Stern Employment is not an entitlement, it is not a right and neither is it guaranteed. In a place like Singapore, where the unemployment rates are […]


In about a week’s time, all Singaporeans above the age of 25 will be receiving $500 from the government! *throws confetti and pops cheap champagne* Now now, hold on to your horses. It’s not a cash gift like the GST voucher (if you even consider that a ‘cash gift’ hur hur) but rather, the $500 […]


You is kind, you is smart, you is important. – Aibileen Clark from The Help That is the profound line that remains etched in the minds of those who have watched the award winning film, The Help, which explores the issues of racism and discrimination that black maids faced as they work for aristocratic white […]


I remember the entire debacle so vividly. It was about 9 in the morning and I was scrambling to find my passport while doing last minute checks on the itinerary. The week-long trip to Budapest that I had planned with some of my fellow exchange friends was very much anticipated, after the fiasco that was […]

The New Religion

“Thus he said: ‘As for the fourth beast, there shall be a fourth kingdom on earth, which shall be different from all the kingdoms, and it shall devour the whole earth, and trample it down, and break it to pieces.” – Daniel 7:23 Perhaps, there is a new religion in town; a religion that we […]

From the Riverside

A #throwback to the history and development of Singapore’s Central Business District Once upon a time, Singapore was nothing more than a tiny island off the coast of Malaysia covered by mangrove swamps. Today, Singapore is still a tiny island and it is still located off the coast of Malaysia; but it contains quite a […]