377A serves public morality : NMP Thio Li-Ann

Below is the full transcript of NMP Professor Thio Li-Ann’s speech in Parliament from 2007. Two camps championing two distinct criminal law philosophies are polarised over whether to retain or repeal s377A which criminalizes public or private acts of gross indecency between two men, such as sodomy. The ‘liberal’ camp wants 377A repealed. They offer […]

Now that you have fought for a bullied worker, why not go further?

It is nice that Singaporeans have come together in support for a senior worker at the petrol pumps, now if we could only just direct this effort to the rest of society also? Ageism may be responsible for the rise in the number of redundancies and difficulties faced boh older Singaporeans trying to re-enter the […]

An old enemy behind a new narrative

Background: Historian Thum Ping Tjin and freelance journalist Kirsten Han sought to register a company (funded by foreign groups to organise activities such as workshops and “democracy classroom” sessions) have had their application rejected by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).  A journalist, a comic artist and an academic walk into a bar. They decided to […]

Zainal Sapari to Parliament: Let’s be realistic about vulnerable workers.

Summary: Five improvements to low-wage worker policies performed by the labour movement and three ways to improve it further. “We must not fool ourselves to think that as a society, we are doing enough in being fair to all our workers. While there are policies in place today to help our low-wage workers, many of […]

Maids to be protected by the employment act?

You probably don’t know where this was raised, which organisation raised it (hint: not government) or whom made the statement (hint: human rights advocacy), but what’s important is what they raised. They continue to push for this: Foreign Domestic Workers and Migrant Workers to be protected by the Employment Act. It sounds noble. It sounds […]

How can we improve our relations with foreign domestic workers?

The following article has been contributed by Gregory Wee.   Foreign Domestic Workers, or maids in colloquial speak, have been known to suffer from low wages, no or little time off from work, loss of privacy and extremely long working hours. The biggest issue here is in justifying to employers and to a larger extent, […]

Foreign Worker Dormitories: Is threshold for licence too low?

(This article first appeared on www.rangosteen.com) Another construction company is taken to task by the MOM. B-Construction was fined S$74,000 for housing foreign workers in unapproved accommodation. They pleaded guilty to 11 charges under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. According to the MOM, B-Construction housed its foreign workers at a construction site located at […]

Migrant Worker

The consequences of beating the system

We all know how easy it is to game MOM’s foreign worker quota restrictions. One of the easiest, is to ask the employees to declare a fake salary and get them to pay you back the money under the table. One such company is Lian Lee Wooden Case Maker Co. Pte Ltd. Ng Boon Cheng, […]

Blogger tax

Government Claims Taxes From Bloggers, Hems On Protection For Freelancers?

In a surprise announcement today, bloggers will have to declare non-monetary benefits received from client based on some rules, which I am still trying to figure out as it’s almost like a means testing for tax. The magic number seems to be $100 worth of benefits and above, or given on a regular basis. Anything […]