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What Do Overseas Netizens Think Of PM Lee Hsien Loong?

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (PM Lee) was recently interviewed by Christiane Amanpour for CNN on why the US is running an overall trade imbalance, and Singapore’s position when two trade giants have difficulties with each other. PM Lee first took some time to establish in simple English why Donald Trump wants to address the […]

Second half 2017 – what’s in it for Singapore?

In a nutshell – 50/50. All around the world, the economic outlook has improved. There is more stability, more predictability and less volatility. However for us at home, there are still several issues weighing Singapore down. The Ministry of Trade and Industry expects growth to be about 2%, still higher than its original forecast of […]

Pay Raises and Bonuses

Pay Raises and Bonuses: Who Isn’t Getting Any?

The year-end civil service bonus was announced yesterday: 0.5 months. Together with the 0.45 months of mid-year bonus and the 13-month payout, civil servants will get 1.95 months bonus this year (aka Annual Wage Supplement or AWS). 1,900 lower-wage workers will get a year-end payout of at least $900. The lower bonuses reflect the economic […]

13 Identity Issues Singaporean Must Deal With

United we stand, divided we rant Singapore is by far the worst example of a homogeneous country. Our common identity is the exact opposite: a multi-cultural melting pot, united by our love for food, travel, showing off and complaining about the government (don’t bluff). As melting pots go, sometimes things can get very heated up […]

Volkswagen job cuts union

Why Are Unions Happy About VW Cutting Jobs Worldwide?

Why is VW Cutting Jobs? 14 months after the Volkswagen (VW) emissions scandal broke, VW struggled with lagging profits compared to competitors and lower productivity. For example, last year, with 610,000 workers globally, VW built slightly fewer vehicles than Toyota which has 350,000 staff. VW is saddled with lots of baggage, like unprofitable vehicles in […]

Blogger tax

Government Claims Taxes From Bloggers, Hems On Protection For Freelancers?

In a surprise announcement today, bloggers will have to declare non-monetary benefits received from client based on some rules, which I am still trying to figure out as it’s almost like a means testing for tax. The magic number seems to be $100 worth of benefits and above, or given on a regular basis. Anything […]

Why You May Not Get Your US Online Orders On Time

And it’s not because of Trump. 1,200 UPS aircraft maintenance workers have overwhelmingly voted to go on strike in a turnout percentage higher than the US Presidential Elections. 80% of these workers participated in the vote to strike or not, out of which, a whopping 98% voted authorised a strike. Why did they vote to strike? […]

Future Leaders Summit

MOM Concludes “No Clear Evidence” Of Disguised Retrenchments, Really?

Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say recently revealed that Ministry of Manpower (MOM) received 94 cases from employees with retrenchment-related issues last year. 15 appeals came from employees who have been dismissed but felt that they were retrenched and deprived of their retrenchment benefits. But only one appeal is being resolved. The other workers were either […]

Why Are Singapore’s Shopping Malls Empty?

Despite opening its doors just a short 4 years ago, all it takes is a quick walk through JCube to see that a large number of their units are shuttered and devoid of tenants. John Little, the oldest department store in Singapore, is also shutting down its last store in Plaza Singapura soon. Statistics Singapore […]

SkillsFuture: Who Is Identifying The Skills And Jobs Of Singapore’s Future?

SkillsFuture: Singapore is undergoing a whirlwind of changes and stresses: lower demand for goods and services cyclical unemployment structural unemployment technological disruption and the sharing economy tighter foreign manpower policy maxed out Labour Force Participation Rate low total fertility rate exit of baby boomers from workforce debt scramble of US$12bn Is there a way to […]