License for power-assisted bicycles?

Screenshot from Yet another car accident involving power-assisted bicycles aka e-scooters.  This time round, a 25-year-old man was declared dead on scene and two other men, aged 18 and 17 were warded into NUH. The 18-year-old died shortly after. If you can’t remember the total number of cases of such accidents happened in recent […]

What do Singapore Opposition Parties Say About Retrenchments?

There has been quite a bit of coverage on job cuts (except on SPH which has ownself embargoed ownself on its layoffs). PAP MPs have been nagging companies to inform MOM and unions early of retrenchments. On the other hand, netizens criticise that the Tripartite Guidelines on managing excess manpower are simply guidelines, and workers […]

Unfair Dismissals and The Employment Act

In Singapore, companies have the prerogative to fire at will, but what if you think you were unfairly dismissed?   Are there avenues of redress you can refer to in the event you feel victimised and shouldn’t have lost your job?   Did you know that unfair dismissals, compensation and reinstatement are actually covered in […]

Killer maids have been making the news. Would you still hire a helper?

Domestic helpers have been making the news in Singapore. But for the wrong reasons. In June 2016, a domestic helper was arrested after her employer was found dead in their house at Telok Kurau. This follows a string of other high profile cases of maid violence in recent years: In May 2016, a 30 year old […]

Government Issues No-Internet Memo, Public Servants React In Disgust

In typical top-down fashion, the government has issued a memo that computers used officially by public servants in Singapore will be cut off from the Internet from May 2017. Source According to an IDA spokesperson: The Singapore Government regularly reviews our IT measures to make our network more secure. Although 100,000 computers will be affected, […]

Woman Who Shouted At Deaf Cleaner Says He Didn’t Wear Badge To Show Disability

Liddat everyone with disability also must wear badge ah? ICYMI, a woman on major PMS after being sick and feeling unlucky decided to verbally abuse a deaf and mute cleaner, drawing sharp criticisms from netizens which were quick to CSI her identity. As the story developed, this woman by the name of Alice Fong, decided […]

Why Can’t We Strike in Singapore?

When we see videos of other people marching down streets chanting slogans, with simple banners, placards, costumes and fists raised, it all looks very heroic, doesn’t it? Barring the SMRT strike in 2015, the closest thing we have to a strike here in Singapore is mass resignation or mass MC. Some chaff that striking will […]

What Should I Do Before Voting In Singapore Elections?

It’s your responsibility to vote wisely. What should residents do before voting? How should they decide which candidate to endorse, or not to endorse any at all? I remember being completely apathetic to politics during the General Elections 2011. Anything vaguely political in the news was irritating to me and I quickly skipped any and […]

Why Bukit Batok voters should seriously consider Chee Soon Juan

Since the resignation of the MP David Ong for Bukit Batok, SDP’s Dr. Chee Soon Juan has been very active on the ground, talking to residents, taking photos and posting them onto his Facebook. In spite of the many anti-Dr Chee rhetoric, including The Independent’s 10 reasons why he will not be elected, I hope […]

How Useless Is Your Degree?

When I graduated a decade ago with a degree in Life Sciences and the government promise of a good job in a future industry, I never expected to take a month to land a job. My first full-time job at a private education company paid a basic salary of $1,800 a month. So much for […]