4 Things Employers Should Put Their Smarts To Rather Than Cheat The Government

If you haven’t heard, over 1000 employers were recently caught for trying to fleece the government of $5.57million by abusing the Wage Credit Scheme (WCS), which aims to help businesses cope with rising wage costs by co-funding yearly wage increments for eligible Singaporean workers. We must say… these employers are so resourceful! Coming up with […]

Gilbert Goh has to be corrected

The following article had been contributed by “Annoyed Citizen”. Normally, when you see a meme like this…you ignore it. It appeals to either the ignorant, the restless or the plain silly. Very easy to rebut. These facts you cannot deny: a.) The ministers don’t get paid bonus b.) Civil servants have been getting this sort […]

What happens when a plane flies into volcanic ash?

So you’re cursing and swearing because your Bali plans got cancelled due to some silly volcano? Well, don’t be. Planes are designed very well, so it is not easy for jet engines to lose power. However, volcanic ash is one of the ways they can. Volcanic ash is like sandpaper. When a plane flies through […]

Man jailed for spiking woman’s food with male hormones

Heres a new way of getting back at your annoying colleagues – change them into another sex. According to a South China Morning Post report, courts in Chengdu in Sichuan province upheld a one-year jail term to a man who slipped male hormones into his colleague’s food and drink. Zhou Chuanjie had laced the woman’s […]

Man detained for hiding python in his trousers

A young man was detained by German police during drunken argument. He was found to be carrying a baby python in his trousers and may run foul of animal welfare laws. Police in the Southwestern city of Darmstadt said the 19 year old was detained on Tuesday night A young man detained by police during […]

Scams you should know: The Durian Scam

Earlier this year, an Eugene Lau and his wife got scammed by unscrupulous durian salesmen. Here’s the modus operandi: They show you a bunch of durians and give you a cheap quote, say $8 per kilo Tell them you want only one and you’re set for the trap They would proceeded to open the biggest […]

Malaysian man arrested for dressing up in suicide bomber outfit

(Image from handout by Petaling Jaya police) Malaysian authorities have arrested a man in Petaling Jaya on Tuesday (7th November) for dressing up in a suicide bomber outfit for a Halloween Party. His costume was made out of white, complete with a fake beard, a chequered towel wrapped around his head and a fake circuit bomb […]

Indonesia threatens WhatsApp with blockage

Indonesia wants WhatsApp messenger to remove obscene GIF images removed or face censure. Semuel Pangerapan, a director general at Indonesia’s communications and informatics ministry, said WhatsApp would be blocked within 48 hours unless the images supplied by third parties were taken off the service. WhatsApp had responded, asking the government to speak with vendors of […]

10 times toilet designs failed humanity

Had enough of national issues and broken down trains? Here are a couple of refreshing toilet designs that would inspire your own home renovation! 10. Just for friends   9. Because we all look the same down there   8.) How else would people know it is occupied?   7.) Only for the petite   […]

Deer latest in line to troll Singaporeans

A rare Sambar Deer (not to be confused with Sambal Deer, of which is commonly observed in tze char restaurants all over) was spotted by a netizen whilst riding his motorcycle on Sunday evening. The elusive deer had been spotted around Mandai Lake Road, Bukit Brown Cemetery and in the water catchment areas in Macritche […]