Blogger tax

Government Claims Taxes From Bloggers, Hems On Protection For Freelancers?

In a surprise announcement today, bloggers will have to declare non-monetary benefits received from client based on some rules, which I am still trying to figure out as it’s almost like a means testing for tax. The magic number seems to be $100 worth of benefits and above, or given on a regular basis. Anything […]

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint

Be a hawker, be a millionaire, but remember to pay your taxes.

WHAT HAPPENED? Couple behind famous Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint fined and jailed 4 weeks for tax evasion. (Yup, 4 weeks of Char siew hiatus for you) Ha Wai Kay, 64 is registered as the sole proprietor of Kay Lee and was found guilty of evading $54,917.15 of income taxes for 2010 and 2011. If you are wondering, […]

Want to be a blogger – beware of IRAS

Bloggers hit out of the blue with new tax declarations. Bloggers were recently hit with a letter from IRAS telling them that they’ll have to declare gifts and products from sponsors as part of their income. While many bloggers usually receive products from companies for advertorials or paid reviews, not many were aware that these […]