6 Ways You Know It’s Mother’s Day

Don’t bluff, you totally forgot Mother’s Day till you saw these right? This year in Singapore, Mother’s Day falls on 8 May 2016. If you were too busy working one of the longest hours in the world, or obsessed with the Bukit Batok by-election, you may have forgotten to plan for Mother’s Day. Did you […]

Why do successful men or women cheat?

Letter contributed by reader who wants to be known as ‘You Zhao Sai’. Bukit Batok People’s Action Party (PAP) MP David Ong resigned last week after admitting to a personal indiscretion – aka he cheated on his wife. This is not the first case of infidelity among our politicians. In 2012, Workers’ Party (WP) MP […]

Singaporean! Y U No Happy?

  This article has been contributed by Andy Tay:   Heard the song, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams? It was a small, unknown soundtrack in the animation Despicable Me 2. Now its been meme-ed to death; Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo….and of late, even us Singaporeans have our own version! We all live in the pursuit of happiness… so, […]

Interview with Violet Lim of LUNCH Actually

If you’re single and haven’t heard of this agency called “LUNCH Actually”, we would like to invite you to brush up your hair, come out of your cave and welcome you back to the dating landscape! The dating agency organizes fun and quality dates for busy single professionals in a discreet, fun and no pressure […]