How Parliament Became a Pokemon Go Gym Yesterday – Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill

It was a battle of wills and wit. According to NMP Kuik Shiao-Yin, the debate on the Bill spelling out contempt of court, or the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill, started at 230pm. It finally ended at 930pm. [fbembed][/fbembed] Here’s a lowdown on some of the verbal battles that happened in the Pokemon Go gym at […]

Nomination Day – Go Where?

Nomination Day is when aspiring candidates report to nomination centres to submit their papers. Candidates must be accompanied by their proposers, seconders and at least four assentors, who must all be registered voters in the districts that the candidates are contesting. TOMORROW 1 SEPTEMBER 2015: Candidates have a 60min window to file their papers – 11am-NOON. They also have to […]

WP Potential Candidate Denies Extra-Marital Affair Allegations

In the run up to the General Elections, an allegation has surfaced that claims Dr Daniel Goh a potential candidate had an extra-marital affair with one of his former students. He responded to the allegations after being made aware of it while making his rounds visiting residents. He notified his wife, informing her that this […]