More Singaporeans getting higher education…good or bad?

More Singaporeans are getting post-secondary education according to the General Household Survey 2015 report done by the Department of Statistics. Compared to 2010, 52% of the non-student population aged 25 and above possess post-secondary qualifications. This is not surprising, since the number of PMEs (Professionals, Managers and Executives) in the workforce has grown. 1 in […]

Do YOU fear being retrenched? Then there are 3 things you need to know…

Are you a PME? PME means Professionals, Managers and Executives. If you are, then hang on tight. Because this year and the years to come might not be an easy ride for you and your peers. According to NTUC Assistant Secretary General Patrick Tay in his 2nd blogpost, the recent weaker economic figures and market […]

labour force

PMEs targeted

Singapore’s manpower landscape has gone through a whole lot of changes this year. And with Professionals, Managers and Executives increasing in numbers, it’s no wonder that most of the initiatives introduced in 2015 were targeted at helping this group of workers. The government together with the labour movement enhanced its support for Singaporean PMEs as […]

“Hire Singaporeans? Aiyo so difficult!”

Wonder what Human Resource people are saying about hiring? Us too. So we kaypoh-ed while they were gossipping at the watercooler… This is what we heard:   “The young graduates have no experience. No internships or part-time job that’s relevant to the post.”   “They think that just with the cert and the honours and […]

Top Five Singapore Employee Wish List

The employment genie has sprung out of his shiny lamp to grant you three wishes. If you could have anything you liked at work, what would you wish for? We’re not talking about wage bumps or fixed bonuses, healthcare or insurance—those are basics. We’re talking about the stuff you think your boss might consider ludicrous […]


The “sandwiched” middle-class

Watched Malcolm from “Malcolm in the Middle” before? The ah boy who didn’t fit in society, just like the middle class in Singapore. Not rich enough to buy expensive stuff – ferraris, home in Sentosa Cove – not poor enough to get money from gahmen. Guess what? This doesn’t just happen in Singapore. In the US, […]


I’m a worker, so what are my rights?

Summary: How/where can PMEs voice their grievances? The way PMEs are defined determines the way they are protected. Clearly defining terms and categories saves a lot of confusion when disagreements arise.   Like most other Singaporeans, I closely followed the recent SMRT debacle that led to 29 Chinese SMRT bus drivers being sent home.   […]