GE2015: Old, New, Borrowed & Blue (2/12)

Did you read the first instalment of this 12-parter series last night? No? Then click here to catch up.   Part Two: 3rd Sep 2015, Thu SOMETHING OLD Ties that Bond and Ties that Broke… Chiam See Tong vs Chee Soon Juan Chanced upon this Facebook post that shared something really old, it dates back […]

GE2015: Old, New, Borrowed & Blue (1/12)

Hello, hello! This is Rene, the newest kid writer on this block! Did you read my very first article for this site? Anyway, the election fever’s upon us and since this comes by only once every four or five years, I’m not gonna let it slide me by without me writing anything about it! So […]

The AHPETC Saga: Common Misconceptions

The Ministry of National Development’s (MND’s) letter to Sylvia Lim yesterday highlighted “the MND’s concerns about the Town Council’s state of financial management, and whether the payments made by the TC to FMSS were valid and proper”. Sylvia Lim’s subsequent response called out the MND for making “spurious statements to distract the public and aimed […]

Why reading socio-political news is so painful to me…

This article has been written by Donavan Cheah, an undergrad.   What are the trending topics these days? A lawsuit, questions on fiscal trust and whether our money is really safe in CPF (Side note: If our money weren’t safe, we’d have lost the AAA rating by now!). While the topics are relevant to a […]


Workers may lose out under new bus transport reform

Daniel Yap works in the media industry and enjoys blogging on social and political issues. He is married with four children. He blogs also at:   The sweeping change of Singapore’s bus system to a government contracting model will “promote greater competition and efficiency among operators”, according to LTA. According to a Channel NewsAsia report, Looi […]

The value of prudence

  The article below has been submitted by Elaina Chong. During the early 1930s and 40s, many of our ancestors came to Singapore looking for a better life. Knowing poverty, they worked hard and saved everything they had so their children would be able to afford a good education and a life much more than […]

Your Letters: Budget 2014

  Our writer, Yan An, went on the ground and spoke with a few Singaporeans on how the Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s Budget Speech measure up to Singaporeans’ expectations. While the Pioneer Generation Package introduced additional healthcare subsidies and Medisave top-ups for Singaporeans aged 16 and older in 1965, concerns still remain over long-term healthcare […]

Budget 2014: Explained through the medium of cute

  so…  …we have an overall surplus of $3 900 000 000…   …that’s an awful lot of ‘0’s…   WHAT DOES IT MEAN? (Does it have something to so with Singapore’s rising cost of living?!) Here’s what we stand to benefit from Budget 2014!   Kindergarten financial schemes are extended to mid-income groups. Families […]

When the heart is right, the politics will follow

  I read with great interest the provision of sheltered walkways and fitness corners at Workers Party (WP) held wards supported by citizens’ consutative committees (CCCs) under the People’s Association (PA). This translates to: CCCs and PA supports the Worker’s Party. Mr Ong Ye Kung, adviser to Kaki Bukit grassroots organisations was quoted saying “If we […]

Yam Seng! to $2.50 nasi padang

  This article is an opinion surrounding the controversy over Baey Yam Keng’s $2.50 nasi padang (see link below). Baey explained he didn’t know about the discount, and that ac/baey-yam-kengtually invited even more flake for him not knowing food prices. I wonder if rejecting “discounts” is actually supposed to be the right thing to […]