A Tale of Pirate Taxis

The following article is a contribution by Davin Chee and was first published on Libertarian Society Singapore Here’s something that you might’ve missed if you haven’t been looking carefully. Did you know that Singapore’s minimum age requirement to be a taxi driver is 30? It’s almost hard to recall, but yes, it’s true. Growing up, before […]

Carrying a baby? Don’t be offended if an Uber or Grab driver rejects you.

Uber and Grab drivers have the right to reject passengers with children below 1.35m (approx. 7 years and below). Yes, you heard it right. If their cars do not have booster seats or restraints, it would be illegal for them to accept passengers with young children. Offenders can face a fine of $120 and three […]


Progressive Wage Model: Yup, you read it right. Someone in the HardwareZone forum actually compared Security Officers in Singapore to dogs. Check out some of the atrocious and outright demeaning comments hurled at these poor guys who are trying to earn a decent living to support their families but don’t get the basic respect they […]


Another week, another retrenchment. Resorts World Singapore laid off about 375 employees following what the integrated resort said was a review of “its operational resources” amid falling profits in the gaming industry. CIMB laid off a dozen staff from its broking business in Singapore. The move came amid a dull period for the Singapore equity […]

Why Living In Singapore Isn’t As Horrible As You Think

How does our cost of housing compare with other countries? We’re still pretty angsty when it comes to whether Singapore is the place we wanna stay in or not. I know many people who hate Singapore, fellow Singaporeans and the whole shitty system here. I also know many people who love Singapore regardless of the […]

Parliamentarians FC

Peter Lim owned Spanish Club to take on MPs in football match. Valencia CF is a Spanish club, a sleeping giant to most. They had their days of glory back in the early 2000s with the likes of Pablo Aimar, Gaizka Mendieta and David Albelda. Two of whom will be coming as part of the […]

We’re not very nice internet users, at least not all of us.

We’re an internet loving people, we’re just not very loving online. We’ve got quite the culture. A shaming culture. We tend to belittle others online so we make ourselves feel better. Not all of us do that, but there are quite a number that do. There are many instances of Singaporeans shaming another, we’ve seen […]

Hood Champions

You speak Singlish, but have you played Singlish charades? In what is probably the most uniquely Singaporean thing I’ve come across in a long time, this Singlish charades competition takes the kueh. Just check out these fellas going at it. How many times have you even heard the phrase, “He kena tekan jialat-jialat, he bengkok already”? […]

Jet Star the baby

A woman took to great heights and named her newborn Jet Star. Would you name your baby after where they’re born? We can only imagine the fantastic time this kid is going to have when he starts going to school. Children can be mean, I’ve had my fair share of name calling and name twisting. […]


Everyone needs a hero/(ine) Here’re our top picks from Bukit Batok’s By-Election Nomination Day Attendees The Spotlight  The spotlight is on PAP’s Tharman Shanmugaratnam & SDP’s Paul Tambyah – not just because they reflect the spotlight much better when foreheads combined, but because they both represent the weight of their party’s full force and support […]