The Funniest Copycat Members of Parliament In Singapore

On our tiny island of 5.5 million peeps, we have a grand total of 100 Members of Parliament (MPs) who sometimes irritatingly, like to copy each other (why ah?). We shortlisted three copycat MPs for your weekend snorting pleasure and ranked them in order of our Funny Copycat Index, which comprises: Lack of originality How […]

MCCY: Yew Don’t Anyhow LKY, Hor

Goodbye LKY memes, we’re sure you know which meme. The MCCY released guidelines on using LKY’s name, image or likeness a few days ago. That’s right. The LKY Brand Guide is an actual thing now: Following a review looking at ways to encourage the “appropriate use” of the name and image of Mr Lee, MCCY laid out the following broad […]

Meet Hamzah Alsagoff – SG Represent!

This article was first seen on Singapore guy’s hilarious account of how he got picked to go on stage with Madonna During the Queen of Pop’s Singapore performance on Sunday, Hamzah Alsagoff shot to Internet fame when he was picked to join Madonna on stage for her finale dance. The 35-year-old public relations executive posted […]

Shanghai > Singapore – A Singaporean’s Perspective

VIRAL RIGHT NOW: This Article by a Singaporean – First Seen Here. Siao ah, go back to Singapore for what? It’s been slightly more than a year since I blogged about why I decided to leave Singapore and I’ve recently been reflecting on this new life in China. In a nutshell, it’s good. To me, that is. I […]

Singaporean Graffiti Artist does London!

Leaving his mark on the world map, literally, is Singaporean Graffiti Fine Artist, Ceno2 Just wow. Ceno2, awesome sauce! LondonCallingBlog says: “Over the last week London has been host to Singaporean Graffiti Fine Artist Ceno2 who has laid out some fabulous portraits in South London’s premier Graffiti locations, namely the Stockwell Hall of Fame and […]


So 16 Feb 2015, Apple’s towkay, Tim Cook, sent everyone this letter: You guys might have dismissed it as “too many words”, “must be very cheem“, ” aiya, just an ang mo write letter from far away, nothing to do with us one lah.”  or you’re more interested in more pressing matters that is closer to heart; closer […]

We need a series of policies to make Singaporeans First

  What Keeps Singaporeans Up at Night? Recently, I have seen a number of threads of discussions about the very real possibility of a tightening labour market in Singapore. In a number of these threads, many people, rightfully, are concerned whether there will continue to be good jobs available. The concern is particularly strong amongst […]

The stupidity of xenophobia

  Not too long ago, I blogged about a deceitful Facebook post by Dr Chee Soon Juan. The main point about that blog post was about how Dr Chee took the quotes out of context and deliberately left out key parts of one of the quotes. That blog post was then reproduced (without my permission) […]

10 Questions with Flora (Floraisabelle)

We caught up with blogger Flora to play 10 Questions with her.   Q1. How long have you been blogging at And how did you get started? Flora: I’ve been blogging for a really long time… like since I was 15. So that makes it a good 15 years. Ooops did I just give away […]

EUGENE just-doing-his-job NG

We all have that family member we are embarrassed of, right? I think this is the country’s equivalent. BACKGROUND Probably to gain LIKES and show off that he travels, this joker PJ Wong writes a lengthy post to shame an “Officer Eugene Ng”, an Immigration & Custom Authority personnel – who shall henceforth be called […]